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We're sorry! The Encore Countertops Kits were discontinued in April 2017. If you have purchased a kit from a third party vendor some of the components are past the expected 2-year shelf-life. Before you start your project, examine the Color Concentrate (Day-2) and the ColorLock and ProGuard Activators (the small bottles used on Day-3). If any of these materials are no longer liquid, or extremely thick, they cannot be used and the kit is not functional.

I have a nick in my existing countertop, do I need to fix it before beginning my Encore project?

  • Small nicks that are not delaminating and do not go through to the particle board do not need any additional attention prior to refinishing your countertop.
  • Larger nicks that expose the particle board can be repaired using an acrylic wood putty.
  • If your laminate is peeling up, you will need to use a laminate adhesive to repair the area prior to beginning your Encore project.

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